It’s just a little too early to think about getting the garden furniture placed on the patio.  The sun is out every day but in not quite long enough stretches yet.  However, we can get it out to give it a really good inspection.  Is there anything that needs repair or revarnish for example.   If they look too far gone, it’s probably time to look online and select a really good sized set that will allow space for all members of th household who may well be still staying put for the rest of this summer.   The old furniture can still be needed if you have space.  When life does return to some normality, we’ll be needing all the patio furniture we can find – all those parties in celebrations!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Just now it’s a step at a time.  Tidy all the garden up.  Rake the grass regularly to rid it of moss.  If it’s engrained, then order up some ferrous sulphur to water over it.  The moss goes an ugly black but really does disappear!