Ahh all the joy of spring time and birds tweeting and singing away have helped me so enjoy my garden.  After many years in this delightful spot, I’ve happily been feeding the birds every day – to the point where going away for a holiday began to upset me, thinking of them going without!    Anyway I have enjoyed this activity so much – they give immense pleasure – the greedy starlings fighting and knocking each other off the bird table and the tits waiting their turn for the hanging feeders.  But this had to come a an abrubt halt when I looked out of the patio door and spotted a rat sitting cheekily sat under the bird table scoffing for all he was worth.  I’ve never had this problem before and after the initial panic, I first tried to get rid with my little self baiting mouse traps – the rats are much too clever to fall for that trick!  So I realised that the food had to go, so I brought all the feeders in and swept up as much loose bits into one pile for general demolition by the birds.    Whether further eradication methods become necessary I’m not sure but I’ll be checking hourly for weeks to come!