As I sit here happily typing away, thinking of all the glorious things we like to do outside in the good weather, I am reminded, not for the first time, that all these pastimes are better conducted in good, hot, sunny weather.  Not the sort of summer we are experiencing this week.  A coupe of weeks ago, the garden furniture was out in full array, lots of loungers, deck chairs, the nice little patio set from donkeys years ago. . . . .    It was then I realised that actually, most of my garden furniture and accessories are really well past it.  Battered looking table legs, the paint finish has just about gone from the long trestle table used for so many happy family picnics in the garden.

I have therefore been researching online all the differnt types of garden furniture and accessories that exist out there.  A fantasti choice appears to be available.  Just select the site and browse for England!