There was a really wonderful natural history programme on tv the other night.  It was filmed using the latest camera techniques and for this epic series, the producers had managed to acquire or be lent an amazing nighttime rolling system that used infrared cameras.  Obvously it’s main use was anti terrorist and for fighting criminals but here it was showing the most incredible shots of all sorts of nigh time activity.  This was truly eye catching – I was absolutely rivitted to the screen watching the Winter episode.  The open spaces were teeming with life, badgers trundling about and foxes steathily trotting up to suprise the local hare population.  In the shots of gardens in the day time, we were treated to close  ups of red squirrels darting about trying to gather up the nuts and acorns they hid at the start of the big sleep.  Also, wonderful shots of hundreds of birds at different bird tables and feeding stations.  This programme must have done more to sell the idea of gardening than any others broadcast for many a year !