Now that the summer has really disappeared and autumn has made her graceful entrance, it is imperative that when we’re clearing up the fallen leaves, we don’t collect up baby hedgehogs or small squirrels with them.  I was absolutely amazed to find a small hedgehog wandering around my garden the other day – in bright sunshine.  He or she was helping themselves to the food in this strange two tiered contraption that I leave out for the birds.   I know they eat pet food if it’s left for the regularly but this was funny watching it reaching up with it’s front paws to reach the food.  I will have to ask the gardener to be vigilant when he mows next time.  Although being experienced in all things to do with gardening, he must have found several disorientated little creatures this year – the weather has been extremely hot, very wet, back to very hot and dry and then sudden showers and very cold at night suddenly.  this makes the poor little things wonder if it’s time to get prepared to hibernate!