I have discovered a great joy in arranging cut flowers – I used to take my turn at doing the main altar display occasionally at church and my goodness that was daunting sometimes – especially as we were expected to buy the flowers and oasis ourselves.  The church is nothing if not canny in their way of getting parishioners to pay for everything.  But we didn’t have to fork out for the church decor or interior design – that was of rather long standing! I am now growing many more items that can and should be cut regularly flowers displaying indoors.   My colour palette has gone slightly out of synch but I’m going to ask my garden helper to move some of the shrubs and perennial plants this winter.  A few are in the wrong position and have outgrown their places – choking and completly smothering less hardy exhibits.     I use the garden now as a great extension to my home life.  The science of growing vegetables is something I’m beginning to get to grips with so I’ve invested in two self watering trays to put grow bags on – making holes beneath each, in the right place, the tomato plants draw water up via wicks.  I’m sure  similar system can be implemented for other veges in barrels or containers.