Well if my garden furniture hadn’t already looked rather battered and in need of a little tender loving care, then last week’s storms put paid to that notion altogether.  The long oblong team table, very sturdy and extremely heavy together with the 4 matching, equally hefty chairs, has stood resplendent on the ‘patio’ area for 7 of the last 15 years – the set replaced a much less reliable little combo.   It’s strange really because we have had many heavy storms, gusts of this wind power or that.  We’ve had a mini tornado, baking sun and weeks without rain, the heat baking down on my patio set.  This is the first time that any of the chairs has managed to escape the tribe and how the table came to blow over is unbelievable – it takes 3 men to move it !   But wait, why grizzle?  I can enjoy selecting a brand new set at my leisure, for my leisure!