We seem to hurtle towards the dark months so quickly now.  Summer was spectacular this year, that is definitely without doubt.  In fact it was the hottest summer known in this country and in many european ones, since records began.  For those folk who worship the sun and can’t get enough rays, this would have been a truly monumental year and many did indeed regret paying out a fortune for ticket to fly all over the place, when they could have relaxed and sweltered back home on the patio!  Now this is where I would struggle.  As much as I love my garden, I don’t have a decent patio set.  In fact I don’t have any furniture at the moment.  I’ve been looking at a site with a fabulous range of outdoor furniture and patio equipment.  All would enhance my tehno lifestyle tremendously.  All would be functional, safe and very ‘today’.   But help, which set?!