At this time of year we have all the lovely Christmas decorations out in force – front gardens are festooned with cheery animal shapes bedecked in christmas lights and string of LEDs.  There are little rabbits, donkeys, baby deer and all sorts as well as just about everybody’s garage fascia.  This is an attempt to brush the mseries of the year away and cheer loudly for family fun about to come.    I note this year however, from an upstairs bedroom window, I can see several local gardens now gone a stage further and displaying chrsmas lights strong across fences, round their trees and all over sheds and outdoor structures.   It’s unbelievable how many extra lights are blazing away this year.  One family did say they were trying to make up for the fact none of the Santa’s grottos are open this year because of the latest lockdown.  I guess that’s sensible – can’t see Santa sitting in his grotto quietly with a mask over his beard!