This is a crazy season at the moment.  None of the usual spring time attributes seem to be seen and every day is an adventure.  Only last week my gardening assistance was happily sorting out the dahlia tubers with a view to popping them in next month.  Then this week, no sooner had he finished cutting the grass – not smart enough to be called a lawn, we suddenly found ourselves being pelted by hail.  No warning, no rain to start – just hail.  So in these very odd unseason times, engaging the services of a really good, well experienced and versatile garden designer can help rid you of indecision and mayhem!  A true professional will understand the vagaries of the garden year and won’t get fazed.  They will sugest planting schemes that can take every situation – there’ll be ideas for a hot dry bed, that dark damp woodland patch and the side borders can be awash with vibrant colour – all year round.