There can never be enough sunshine in our country although we have had drier summers lately, these are needed to offset the grim wet and windy winters.  The changes to our weather have made me think long and hard about what to actually propogate for the borders.  I have lots of lovely perennials and shrubs now, so inbetween these throughout the season, I like to have potted dahlias to intermingle with bigger specimens as they bring a huge and very instant splash of colour.  Some of my dahlias are a couple of seasons old and have thickened up very successfully.  Being able to place a large tub of mixed red shades in a border with dark red and pale pink gladioli has been most pleasing.  I also have a spectacular bottle brush bush which has huge blisteringly red brushes at the ends of the sweeping branches.  It’s so eye catching that neighbours are now requesting a viewing in the main season – epsecially when the neighbouring bright red gladioli and stunning geum are also on display! Most pleasing!