There are all sorts of gardens normally open from end February or March.  They are usually able to display their wonderful mood enhancing displays of snowdrops and then bluebells.  This year it may well be difficult – unless we are released from what feels like a permanent lockdown.   I feel sorry for the businesses as they can’t be making the money needed to keep their stock going.  although many are run almost hand to mouth already – with a great reliance on volunteer help.   I do love the idea of visiting a couple of my favourites about 4 times a year – in fact on a seasonal basis.  They offer inspiration and ideas on how to improve my own wee plot.  Obviously they don’t have the same limitations in the way of space or patios in the wrong place, but I do take note of what looks good in certain shady spots throughout over the year and going back regularly helps to pinpoint what I need to do in m own shadier borders.