At the moment out in our gardens we are enjoying quite an early spate of colour.  This is a bit unusual as there is often a bit of a lull in the summer colour – known as the June drop.  All the bright blossoms of spring suddenly disappear and we just have a lot of greenery as the buds are still forming for the lillies and dahlias to come.  This year though, maybe through the rather confusing weather patters there have been over the last few years, the colour is riotous.  Rather wonderful and if we keep deadheading the flowers, we will keep this fantastic show going that bit longer.  Going to a specialist garden and plant supplier will always guarantee good service and advice.  Most times the owners will have built their business upon a working relationship with suppliers and customers and know what people need to hear and buy to get the best out of their plot.  They can often be the best folk to talk to about garden furniture too – for those down times when a cuppa is due!