Today there is a constant movement of families in surburban areas – mostly trying to upsize tfrom a small two bedroomed terrace up to a three bedroomed semi detached and then eventually, up to the much desired 4 or 5 bedroomed detached with double garage.   In the very comfortable area in my locality, the houses are indeed very nice and spacious, but despite that, the double and triple garages supplied with each are all full of ‘stuff’.  Be it football and sports kits for the boys and similar for the girls, gym and gardening equipment for Mum and Dad etc. etc.

There is never enough space, whatever sized house.  This is when we really appreciate the garden space we are allotted.  That is one area that cannot be usually be extended.  But by careful use of furniture, accesories and lighting, a fantastic additonal area can be created to really give the family space to breathe!