It’s getting near the spring time – gorgeous bluebells, snowdrops, daffodils and tulips adorning gardens and we can think about happy warm days sitting amide this colourful explosion in nice comfy garden furniture – but wait, didn’t we think we ought to buy new this  year?  Once the easter holidays approach, there is this mad frenzy of activity down at the local garden centre or diy superstore.  The advertisements start in the first week of february, urging us to paint this, wall paper that, and when we have five minutes, to grab a garden chair and take a well earned break.  The range of outdoor furnishings is fantastic these days and if you fancy something non teak, then the heavier duty plastics and metals give a nice modern feel to the patio.  There are also bigger, better bar-b-ques, space heaters, fire bowls – we just hope then that summer is kind to us and we get a bit of sunshine and warmth.  Soon.