It’s funny how my family travelled over to the States this year on a trip that included stop overs in New England – in the fall.  We were actually about a month too early in reality;  we saw a little reddening leafage but on the whole the trees were not much changed from what we’d left behind!  I now look out on to the splendour of yellow, orange, beech and red in abundance in my own back garden – the trees seem even more splendid this year.  Having a group of really attractive trees was our plan when we moved to this house some 20 years ago.  We researched various types of tree for size, growth factors and of course, colour possibilities.  Our neighbours must also have carried out this exercise because we are now  surrounded by some fantastic foliage shows at this time of year.   We have a solid teak garden bench on the patio over the other side of the lawn.  It is perfectly positioned to be able to take in this kaleidoscope of colour from the two surrounding gardens as well as mine.  Perfection!