Gosh we have had the most unbelievably gusty few weeks.   As soon as one storm A-Z has come, made a nuisance of itself, and blow itself out again, then the next one has lined up to take its place.  This is how it is going to be and we have to get used to very very wet showers and extremely gusty windy bits.  It makes sense therefore to really sit back and plan how we are going to use our outdoor space effectively.  If we put in tender plants that can’t tolerate cold dry winds which are then replaced with flooding, we should be looking seriously at our planting schemes.  The same goes for garden furniture schemes.  No good choosing lightweight plastic ware if we live on a wind rocked corer plot.  Time to look at the heavy duty cast iron models that won’t budge but will sit solidly come rain, or shine, or blustery force 8!