As I look out into my small suburban garden, I see before me a leaf strewn lawn and lots of birds darting about, collecting up the berries and goodies that have been blown off the trees and bushes a little earlier than usual.  Because we have had such odd weather this year, mostly very hot and very dry, the flora and forna have got totally confused and now think we have reached mid autumn.  The leaf drop is amazing.  Sad too, as the wonderful autumnal colours have been by passed.  I have a wonderful old fashioned bird feeding table.  A family member made it for me.  A small cottage shaped shelter on a large based bird table.  It’s had to be repaired, rebuilt, completely reinforced this year too – the strong winds have played havoc with the little thatched roof!  But the birds love it and I see some garden centres now offer similar ones – items of beauty!