A fairly new acquanitance has recently been widowed – painful but she’s getting over it superbly.  Before her husband died, he had been expressing a desire to build this and that in the garden and resdesign the back border to include more colour etc etc.  One of the projects started as he began to dwindle was a much talked about summer house.  It arrived, in ‘flatpack’ form and it startled my chum as it looked a great deal larger than the little beauty that had been discussed.  It turns out that the size they wanted hadn’t been available so hubby went for the next one up.  As it happens, now that their son has manfully erected and installed it in the given spot, after dismantling & removing the under used glass house, it does fit the space very well and has left no extra spaces to need filling or jacking up.  It did highlight that for any project, however willing the heart, it needs a professional building brain to make a good job of installing it!